Gentle moment Sana: Half decaffeinated coffee from Tchibo in a taste test

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looking for a smooth coffee with less caffeine? Then you’ve come to the right place for this test report. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been drinking “Sanfter Moment Sana” to introduce it in this taste test. “Sanfter Moment Sana” is a new variety that Tchibo brought into the permanent assortment in April.

Sana Sanfter Moment comes out of the fully automatic machine | Photo: Editor

For transparency: The manufacturer provided me with a pound of coffee beans of this variety for my independent test


What does the supplier say about the coffee?

Tchibo points to consumer desires for mindfulness, deceleration and conscious nutrition, and to the fact that for a growing number of people their health and inner balance are important. In response to these customer wishes, Tchibo has developed “Sanfter Moment Sana” with 50 percent less caffeine (than “normal” coffee) and less acidity. On the other hand, there is to be no compromise on taste. You can find out whether this has been achieved below.

They say that less is more. In a way, that’s true here, as the new variety with 50 percent less caffeine has replaced the familiar decaffeinated Sana in the range. Those coffee drinkers for whom half is still too much can switch to the decaffeinated Colombia Fino from the slightly more expensive “Privat Kaffee” range within the Tchibo permanent assortment.

On Tchibo’s official intensity scale, “Gentle Moment Sana” receives 2 out of 6 beans. The company likewise gives the roasting degree as 2 out of 6 beans, and the acidity as 1 out of 6 beans. Looking at these manufacturer specifications, one might think “Sanfter Moment Sana” is boring, but I was pleasantly surprised in the taste test.

Our taste test

From the just opened package it smells spicy-fresh as well as fruity-sweet with a hint of caramel. It reminds me a bit of fruit bars or even chocolate fruit muesli. Very pleasant!

View of the coffee beans in the package | Photo: Editor

The prepared beverage still smells spicy-fruity and in addition cakey-sweet. I like that! Sniffing the prepared coffee, my associations range from lemon pie to sweet cherry. “Kuchig-chocolatey” is also in my notes.

View inside the packaging | Photo: Editorial

I usually start my taste tests by preparing a lungo of a new coffee in a fully automatic machine. In this case, the preparation was done with Tchibo’s Esperto Caffè, also tested here.

Espresso in glass cup | Photo: Editor

Not every coffee is suitable for this type of preparation; the main problem is that not so few coffees turn out too fruity or too acidic as espresso. Since the lower acidity is one of the central characteristics of “Sanfter Moment Sana”, I had assumed that at least an extended espresso should be unproblematic in this respect.

Preparation of a Lungo in a fully automatic coffee maker | Photo: Editor

The Lungo from the fully automatic coffee maker is okay, but somehow there is no clear line in terms of taste. The coffee is a little more than expected fruity-sour, has a slight smoky note and is a little spicy (also more than expected). The sweetish caramel

lnote from the sniff I recognize when drinking, but it can not assert itself well against the smoke note that becomes stronger in the finish. The soft mouthfeel at least fits the name “Gentle Moment Sana”.

Coffee from the stamped pot is poured into a glass cup | Photo: Editor

As an Americano from the fully automatic machine, the coffee tastes a bit thin, but in contrast to the Lungo, the taste fits the product name well. The fruity notes are much weaker here than in the lungo. The coffee tastes less spicy. Overall, the taste experience is “better in balance”, more coherent than the Lungo … smooth, aromatic, not too much and not too little acidity. If possible (the Esperto Caffè offers the Plus button as a control option for this) you should increase the amount of coffee for the preparation, so use a little more ground coffee than normal, so that an Americano gets enough flavor.

Gentle Moment Sana when prepared with a fully automatic coffee


| Photo: Editor

On the other hand, the new variety is well suited for the electric filter coffee maker. The coffee is relatively smooth and clearly fruity-tart. In the aftertaste, the tart impressions increase in strength, although I notice almost no smoky aromas. The taste is distantly reminiscent of dark chocolate, as I detect a minimally sweet cocoa note. I like the slight spiciness in the finish.

Pouring from the stemming pot | Photo: Editor

The best choice for “Gentle Moment Sana” represents the preparation in the stemming pot. The taste is smooth and harmonious, yet pleasantly tart and slightly fruity (similar to a black tea with lemon). The smoky note in the aftertaste comes out better than in the preparation with the filter coffee machine; it is more interesting. When the coffee has already cooled a bit, I taste a cocoa note for half an instant beforehand. The coffee from the stamp pot is particularly aromatic and harmonious.

Sanfter Moment Sana from the stamp pot | Photo: Editor

Price during the test period

“Sanfter Moment Sana” is offered in whole beans (500 grams) and ground (2 times 250 grams). During the test period, Tchibo sold it for 5.99 euros per pound.

500-gram package of whole beans | Photo: Editor


I can highly recommend “Sanfter Moment Sana” especially for preparation using a stamp pot. Be generous with the preparation and rather use a little more coffee grounds than usual, so that the coffee tastes smooth and harmonious, but still aromatic.

Preparation with the fully automatic coffee maker | Photo: Editor

Before starting the test, I didn’t expect much in terms of taste, if only in view of the price. “Gentle Moment Sana” can keep up with products twice as expensive in this respect.

I was also particularly interested in this product because I like to drink coffee a little later in the day to give myself another energy boost. When it’s actually already too late for a coffee, I specifically reach for semi-decaffeinated coffees. And the selection of these is comparatively small.

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