Black Moon varieties Mercury, Pluto and Jupiter from roastmarket in the taste test


this article I introduce you to three coffees of the brand Schwarzmond, all of which I liked very much in my taste test. However, one of them is my favorite, which I would like to recommend to you in particular.

The online store is known for its large selection of coffee brands. What, on the other hand, many do not yet know: The coffee specialty retailer now also relies on private labels. On the packs of the coffees tested here, it says on the back, rather inconspicuously, that they are produced for Roast Market GmbH from Frankfurt am Main.

All 3 varieties of Schwarzmond coffee in 250-gram bags | Photo: Editor

For transparency: the supplier provided me with a 250-gram pack of each of the three Schwarzmond varieties for my independent test


What does the supplier say about the coffee?

Both on the product packaging and in the store at, there are clear statements about the flavor profile of these products. In addition to a point scale for degree of roasting, flavor intensity and acidity, specific flavor notes are promised. In addition, general information on the origin can be found. However, these are kept very general.

Coffee beans in the storage container of a fully automatic coffee


| Photo: Editorial staff The

quality claim is emphasized all the more: The Schwarzmond products are “strongly based on the Third Wave Coffee movement”, in which coffee is not only supposed to function as a wake-up call in the morning, but is regarded as a valuable means of enjoyment, for which frahling lovers consciously take their time. Sustainable handling of high-quality coffee would be the focus.

“Fair and trustful trade as well as partnership relations between coffee farmers and roasters” are particularly close to the hearts of the makers of Schwarzmond. In addition, Schwarzmond stands for the highest quality – from cultivation to roasting.

Our taste test: Merkur

The freshly opened package exudes an intense, yet gentle scent that reminds me of cookies with a nutty nougat flavor. This is very pleasant, but expectations are correspondingly high before the taste test.

Freshly opened pack of coffee beans | Photo: Editor

The prepared coffee, on the other hand, does not smell particularly intense. Besides fruity and sweet notes that remind me a bit of fresh apple pie, there is something that reminds me of Christmas or perhaps just autumnal spices.

Coffee under test: black moon variety Merkur from roastmarket

In the taste test, the first black moon variety behaves differently than expected. As a lungo from the fully automatic machine, it is first sour-fruity, then tart-creamy. As nutty and chocolaty as the aroma from the packaging was, there was less of it to taste when drinking it than had been hoped for. But that’s the way it is with high expectations. Nevertheless, nuttiness and nougat can be tasted, along with a hint of dark chocolate.

Prepared as a lungo | Photo: Editor

After a while, the smoky notes clearly gain strength. On the other hand, since there is a sweet aftertaste (which I associate with toffee), the distinct smoky notes are not at all unpleasant, on the contrary! An almond note I also perceive after a while. A rough mouthfeel is apparent.

The taste of the Black Moon variety Mercury

lasts longer than average after drinking. The enjoyment when drinking is relatively small, but the long-lasting good taste afterwards outweighs that. I recommend dosing the coffee a bit more generously.

Prepared as an Americano, Black Moon Mercury tastes little different. I liked it a little better as a lungo, though.

Black Moon Mercury when prepared as an espresso | Photo: Editors

As an espresso, this coffee is a bit too acidic at first (at least for most, for me it’s just within reason), but then becomes nicely creamy and chocolaty. Prepared as an espresso, the taste reminds me of – I’ll call it “chocolatiness” – chocolate pudding. In terms of sweetness, a coffee is of course on a much lower level, but on the other hand, the intensity of sweetness reached after a while in the aftertaste is impressive. This is not merely a slight suggestion of sweetness.

The supplier does not recommend the Black Moon “Merkur” variant for filter coffee preparation, but I tried it anyway. The smooth, mellow impression this variety makes when brewing filter coffee is likeable. In the aftertaste, the Schwarzmond Merkur variety gains intensity, and the chocolaty notes – including a fairly noticeable sweetness – are then well pronounced. Still, I feel like there should be more flavor in there. If I dose the coffee generously, this impression can be avoided.

Coarsely ground coffee of the Schwarzmond Merkur variety in the stamp pot | Photo: Editorial team

I am a little disappointed with the result from the stamp pot: In terms of intensity, I expected more, but the supplier does not recommend the Schwarzmond “Merkur” variety for filter coffee preparation. I don’t either after my test, but the cocoa notes are well perceptible; there are also subtle fruity notes.

Some coffee drinkers will be pleased with how smooth the coffee is when it is prepared using a stamp pot. In the aftertaste, the flavor intensity also increases significantly here.

Our taste test: Pluto

From the freshly opened package, it smells wonderfully fruity-sweet. It reminds me of fruit slices. Light chocolate notes I can detect as well.

Black Moon variety Pluto: coffee beans with freshly opened package | Photo: Editor

The hot coffee exudes a fruity-sweet smell. In addition, the aroma evokes slight associations with cinnamon.

Coffee in the test: Black Moon variety Pluto from roastmarket

As a lungo from the fully automatic coffee machine, the “Pluto” variety is initially gentle and soft and rather sweet with very weak acidity. Tart notes quickly gain the upper hand. Nevertheless, they are comparatively weakly pronounced. The slight spiciness associated with them has its appeal. There is also a very fine, mineral mouthfeel.

Black Moon variety Pluto during lungo preparation | Photo: Editor

In the aftertaste, chocolate notes emerge, which I classify as bittersweet. It doesn’t take long for the chocolate notes to subside, leaving a mix of moderate roasted flavors and sweetness. This does not last as long with the black moon variant “Pluto” as with the first variant “Mercury”.

. And I find the second variety in this respect also not as good as the first. But compared to the average of the many coffees that I have already tested, also from the variant Pluto remains above average long a pleasant aftertaste.

Black Moon Pluto as filter coffee – glass cup on a sunny day | Photo: Editor

In contrast to the Lungo, an Americano is a bit too thin in flavor for me when using the fully automatic machine. However, I know that some coffee consumers prefer their beverage to be soft rather than strong. As restrained as Black Moon Pluto seems when prepared as an Americano, it certainly has a pleasant taste on its own. The chocolaty components are more pronounced, because the tart components with roasted aromas are now much less pronounced. Nevertheless, the coffee has a pleasant sharpness.

When using an electric filter coffee maker, the taste is okay, but less interesting than when prepared with a fully automatic machine. However, the chocolate flavor comes out quite well!

Preparation in the stamp pot | Photo: Editor

I get a much better result with the “Pluto” with the stamp pot: The coffee has much more flavor than when prepared with the electric filter coffee maker. It doesn’t make such a noticeable difference with most of the coffees I test, but with the Black Moon “Pluto” variant, the longer extraction time is more noticeable than almost ever.

Our taste test: Jupiter

A medium-light, sweet-fruity scent with a subtle hint of chocolate pours from the freshly opened package. There is also something enticingly cookie-like about the scent. I like it very much!

250-gram package of the Jupiter variety | Photo: Editor

The hot coffee also smells distinctly sweet and fruity, although the scent now seems more citrusy than before. It also reminds me somewhat of powdered sugar and clove.

Coffee under test: black moon variety Jupiter from roastmarket

As with the other two black moon varieties, I start my taste test with a lungo from the fully automatic machine. A pleasant citrus flavor can be tasted immediately. That’s the first thing I notice.

At first, fruity, slightly sour notes predominate, but they are not too overbearing and can pass for tangy. The drink feels soft at first, but quickly this impression gives way to a rough mouthfeel. Later, the distinct roasted notes provide a good complement to the caramel aftertaste. It takes a few minutes before I can detect cocoa notes. Meanwhile, both the roasted flavors and the sweet impressions increase in strength.

As with the first variety in this test, you get a very long taste from the third Black Moon variety, “Jupiter.”

As an Americano, this coffee is very chocolaty in the finish, but only minimally sweet – at least at the beginning. The association with cookies comes back here. After a while, the sweetness increases significantly. Before that – while drinking itself – this variety is not exactly interesting as an Americano. But that’s not so important, because afterwards the enjoyment begins, and it lasts a long time.

Black Moon Jupiter as espresso in glass cup | Photo: Editorial staff

As an espresso, I can

“Jupiter” not recommend, because then the coffee just seems too sour. The aftertaste is nevertheless okay.

Electric filter coffee maker prepared the Black Moon variety Jupiter | Photo: Editors

Here again, the use of the electric filter coffee maker is worthwhile! I like the combination of fruity and tart impressions. The chocolatey notes come out in the aftertaste, along with a slight spiciness. This is weaker than the coffee from the fully automatic machine. In addition, the filter coffee seems softer and more harmonious. On the other hand, its flavor is less intense. Nevertheless, I particularly like the Jupiter variant from Schwarzmond, because even if the fruity-sweet components are somewhat weakly pronounced, the coffee seems well balanced in terms of taste.

From the stamp pot, the third variety in the test has a spicy, tart flavor. A clove flavor is expressed more clearly than in the other preparation methods in this test. The coffee tastes quite pleasant, somewhat creamy, slightly nutty. Unlike the other preparation methods, only a few cocoa notes can be tasted.

I am surprised by the low flavor intensity. Normally, preparation with the stamp pot provides particularly intense flavors. Of course, not every coffee is suitable for every preparation method, but I was more than satisfied with the result from the electric filter coffee maker. As a rule, a coffee that is suitable for preparation using a filter coffee machine tastes even slightly better when prepared using the stamp pot. This is not the case with the Black Moon variant Jupiter, on the contrary!

Schwarzmond coffee beans fresh from the package | Photo: Editorial staff

What else is important

As a private brand of Roast Market GmbH from Frankfurt am Main, the Schwarzmond coffees are available in the roastmarket online store


The Schwarzmond varieties are available both ground and in the form of whole beans. I would like to commend the bags of coffee beans at this point, because they are very good resealable. Resealable coffee packaging is actually nothing special, but I have too often had the experience that the packaging was then no longer sufficiently tight. The closures of the Schwarzmond bags, on the other hand, serve their purpose very well.

Schwarzmond variety Jupiter during lungo preparation | Photo: Editor To

describe the design of the packaging as minimalist is almost an understatement. The bags are black and each variety has label stickers in a different color. Only the round silver-colored area for the number of the respective variety sets a design accent. Aside from the symbols at each preparation recommendation, there is only text on the labels.

In the test room, a pound of each variety cost 14.99 euros, and a half pound cost 7.99 euros. A trial pack of all three varieties with a total of 750 grams of coffee was available for 21.99 euros.

Since I had read positive things about it elsewhere, I would have liked to taste the Schwarzmond coffees with milk. Unfortunately, my test packs were empty before.

Schwarzmond coffee in the fully automatic preparation [Photo: Editorial staff


Not cheap, but exceptionally good taste! Especially the Schwarzmond variant number 1 with the name “Merkur” I can highly recommend. The variant 3

with the designation “Jupiter”…

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