Inexpensive electric coffee grinder from Tchibo in test

AdvertisementTchibo has not given its new electric coffee grinder a specific name. On the package it just says “coffee grinder, electric”.

Inexpensive electric coffee grinder from Tchibo in the test

For transparency: The manufacturer provided me with the device for my independent test.

Black coffee grinder from Tchibo next to a packet with a pound of coffee for size comparison | Photo: Editor

Features and functions

For such an inexpensive device, the new electric coffee grinder from Tchibo offers good features. The coffee beans are ground with a stainless steel cone grinder. You can choose between 26 different grinding levels.

Good to see: You can set how finely the coffee should be ground | Photo: Editor

You can also set how many servings you need; you can choose continuously between 2 and 12. Unfortunately, you can’t grind only coffee for a single serving. I don’t like that, because when I want to drink coffee alone, I only need one serving. Grinding the coffee in advance does not improve the quality in the cup.

How many servings do you want? You can set it here. |

However, by pressing the start button again, the grinding process can be interrupted ahead of time, so with a little skill you can certainly grind beans for just one serving. However, this is not easy, because the device works quickly.

View from above into the coffee grinder’s bean hopper | Photo: Editor

There is room for about 150 grams of coffee beans in the hopper. For private households, this is a good size. The drip tray can hold about 84 grams of ground coffee. Unless you want to grind a large amount of beans in stock, that’s more than enough. The best thing about having your own coffee grinder at home is that you can always grind the beans fresh – preferably just before brewing.

Container for the ground coffee | Photo: Editors Container for the ground coffee | Photo: Editors

Design and workmanship

Tchibo offers the new electric coffee grinder in just one color: The housing is mostly made of matte black plastic, where fingerprints and stains are not a problem. If it is nevertheless necessary to clean the device, this is quickly done.

With dimensions of 10 cm x 28.5 cm x 17 cm (width, height, depth), Tchibo’s new electric coffee grinder is really small. Some other electric coffee grinders take up a relatively large amount of space.

Black coffee grinder from Tchibo | Photo: Editorial team Black coffee grinder from Tchibo | Photo: Editorial team

The device looks well-made. And as subjective as this aspect is: In my eyes, it looks good – except for one thing: Silver as the color for the area with the markings for the number of portions to be ground was not a good choice, because it makes the device look less elegant.

Operating instructions for the coffee grinder from Tchibo | Photo: Editors

Operation and user-friendliness

The new electric coffee grinder from Tchibo is very easy to operate. However, if something is unclear, a look at the instructions will help. My test device came with instructions in eight different languages. Convenient: Each language has its own

en booklet. So you don’t have to scroll through the pages to find your favorite language. The explanations are easy to understand and the font is pleasantly large.

A look at the instructions for Tchibo’s coffee grinder from 2021 | Photo: Editor A look at the instructions for Tchibo’s coffee


from 2021 | Photo: Editor

If you have used an electric coffee grinder before, you will probably only refer to the instructions when you want to clean the device. By the way, a small brush is included for cleaning purposes.

Good: A brush for cleaning is included with the device | Photo: Editor No

electric coffee grinder is really quiet, but this device is quite loud. If others are still trying to sleep in the early morning at home, you should grind the beans for your first coffee of the day the night before.

Freshly ground coffee in the container (view from above) | Photo: Editors

What else is important

When you search the web for more information about this coffee grinder, make sure that your search results are actually information about the new device tested here. As “coffee grinder, electric” Tchibo also offers an older, more expensive, but also with more functions equipped device.

I know that some manufacturers overdo it with the product names of their technical devices and use long abbreviations that confuse potential buyers more than they offer orientation. In principle, I think it’s good that Tchibo is focusing on simplicity. But offering differently equipped devices under the same name is not a good idea.

Black coffee grinder from Tchibo | Photo: Editorial team Black coffee grinder from Tchibo | Photo: Editorial team

Price during the test period

Tchibo has been selling this new electric coffee grinder since mid-February. The regular price is 49.99 euros. The device tested here is thus one of the particularly inexpensive representatives of its kind. Most real coffee grinders cost more.

You can get an electric grinder that grinds coffee for much less, but these are devices that grind all kinds of things: nuts, grains, herbs, spices, grains and coffee beans. Typically, they use percussion blades that grind the grounds unevenly, which is bad for the taste of the coffee. For good coffee, you should therefore buy a real coffee grinder.


If you are looking for a device that costs little, takes up even less space and is easy to use, I can recommend this electric coffee grinder from Tchibo. Considering the price, the range of functions is reasonable. Most coffee drinkers don’t even need more.

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